Argan City is the result of a Franco-Moroccan partnership in search of the best ingredients in Argan raw material from Morocco. Argan City has established its main export warehouse in Mauritius and represents a new 21st century wave of entrepreneurship. Currently, our main market is Africa.


Working in association with the largest cosmetics manufacturer in North Africa (Azbane Laboratories). Established in Morocco for more than 40 years, we are not only the world's leading supplier of Argan oil, we also guarantee a product of exceptional quality.


Our products are tested to comply with the most stringent industry standards and comply with the rules set out in the new European cosmetic regulation.


Our website is presently in three languages. We are looking for importers and exclusive national representatives. Leaving the usual paths of distribution, we offer you a unique opportunity for a unique range (see website) and exceptional quality. As the only brand available with a range of more than 70 products and a growth rate of more than 30% per year, we are looking for ambitious entrepreneurs who want to build a future with us for them.


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